14 Year old looking to start Beginner/Intermediate Beatles tribute band

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Posted 11 months ago by Carlitos Rivera. 342 views.

bass player drummer guitarist - rythm singer vocalist - backing pop rock

Band members wanted in Orlando, Florida, United States.

Orlando, Florida, United States

Hello I am a 14 year old boy in Orlando that has been playing guitar for 3 years. I want to start a Beginner/Intermediate Beatles tribute band. No Beatles music is not the only music we have to play but mostly yes. I'm looking for other kids between 13-15 who share a great passion for Beatles music and would like to grow together on the music and improve. I would play George and I am looking for a Paul, John and Ringo Aka Bassist/Vocalist, Rhythm Guitar/vocalist, and a drummer. I am not so good vocal wise but I am hoping to learn. I can play most solos by the Beatles. Message me and we can discuss other details including, practice dates and equipment and all that. Thanks!

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