14 Year Old Singer/Guitarist Seeking Post-punk/New Wave musicians

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bass player drummer electronic musician guitarist - lead indie rock punk rock

Band members wanted in Nampa, Idaho, United States.

Nampa, Idaho, United States

Hey there, I'm Adrian. You probably read the title, so I don't think I need to explain more of what I am. I'm looking for people in the age ranges of 14-17, though I guess a year younger would be okay. My favorite bands are The Smiths, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, The Dismemberment Plan, Weezer, Duran Duran, Joy Division, New Order, Beach Fossils, Modest Mouse, Home, The Clash, Cap'n Jazz, My Bloody Valentine, Belle and Sebastian, Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, David Bowie, MadVillain, Mac Demarco, The Pixies, Two Door Cinema Club, Wilco, Neutral Milk Hotel, Nirvana, The Killers, and American Football (Holy crap, that was a lot!). I want people who I can click with, honestly, and someone who can write decent instrumental lines. I'm going to be honest and say that I'm more of a rhythm guitarist, and I would find it most preferable to be a lead singer. I mean, I've been playing guitar for two years, and I can kind of write riffs, but I prefer to write lyrics and play rhythm guitar. Kind of a Morrissey/Marr thing. And if you know what I mean by that, you're a prime candidate for this. So, c'mon and hit me up. To contact me, text me at 208-606-8773

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