15 yo girl looking for band members :)

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Posted 10 months ago by Claire Supernovaa. 297 views.

DJ drummer guitarist singer songwriter producer electronic experimental indie rock pop rhythm and blues soul

Band members wanted in New York, New York, United States.

New York, New York, United States

Im Claire from Korea.I'm 15 and will move to America to be a musician
I don't care where u guys live and Im just looking for members who can make a band or contact on online or whatever to prepare and make a band based on New York after about 2 yrs.I want 13 to 19 yrs old guys.I love all genres of music and wanna experience lots of genres of music(Especially alt rock,edm,rnb,indie,and pop rock.)I'm looking for people who wanna make perfect and successful band also touring all over the world.My role will be a songwriter,a keyboardist,and someitmes a singer.I'm looking for singers,songwriters(who can do it with me),who can play guitar,drum,bass,and any instruments except piano,djs,and producers.
Contact me:0304gkdud@gmail.com
<About me>: My major was the composition and piano of classical music so I think Im good at piano.And Im learning how to play guitar these days.I will learn djing soon.I have absolute pitch&relative hearing.I'm writing lyrics since I was 5&making melodies based on piano& singing since I was 3.I have lots of experiences of street performances(I often improvised)
Now I'm teaching theory of harmony myself.I wanna experience lots of genres and I have passion about music.I'm middle/soprano
Inspiraton:Skrillex,Oasis,21 pilots,Jessie J,Sabrina Carpenter,Beyonce,Avicii etc

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