17 yr. old Metal Guitarist

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bass player drummer drummer - double bass guitarist - lead guitarist - rythm singer metal

Wants to join a band in Lake Ann, Michigan, United States.

Lake Ann, Michigan, United States

I am a Metal Guitarist from Lake Ann. I've been playing for just under three years. I will be attending NMC for the Audiotech program. I will be heavily committed and I will take it very seriously. Lots of knowledge and experience in recording music. I will be able to drive and transport my gear.
Breakdown of my Equipment:
-BC Rich Warlock: Bronze series (Yes, I know. I need an upgrade.)
Pedals (In the order of my signal chain):
-On-Stage GTP7000 Mini Pedal Tuner
-Cry Baby Wahh (Specific Make/Model unknown)
-Boss LS-2 Line Selector (here's where it gets tricky)
Channel A:
-Delta Lab RD-1 Rock Distortion
-Joyo UD Ultimate Drive
Channel B:
-Boss DS-1 (Moocho T Mod)
After the effects loop of the LS-2:
-Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter

-120 Watt Crate GT212

-Shure SM-57
-Excelvan BM-800
-Behringer U-Phoria UM2 (old, lesser used)
-PreSonus Audiobox iTwo
Listening Hardware:
-M-Audio AV32 3" Active Monitors
-Audiotechnica ATH-M30x Studio Headphones
-Presonus Studio One 3 Artist Edition

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