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vocalist - backing guitarist - lead bass player drummer singer rock

Band members wanted in Hanford, California, United States.

Hanford, California, United States

IN SEARCH OF 80's HEAVY METAL/ROCK BAND MEMBERS!!!Male or Female Singer, Bass player and Drummer.Need to have a real high range for singer.Need to physically look good,preferably have long hair and know you can have great stage presence.Need to be under 30 years of age.Need to be able to collaborate in making original music.Over the top personality and 100%!!! Serious about music as a career!!! This also applies to Bass player and Drummer!!!
No Drugs or other bad hangups.
Need to be willing to practice atleast twice a week plus any shows.
If necessary fly out from other country/state.Lets get this party started!!!
Check out Facebook band pages Manik Panik and DeHaas.

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