Any guys want to start a Punk-rock,Metal Band?

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Posted 10 months ago by GerttingStabbedByKnives-Alex. 176 views.

bass player guitarist guitarist - lead metal punk rock

Wants to join a band in Federal Way, Washington, United States.

Federal Way, Washington, United States

I am a female tho I am in the process of training my voice to be able to deep scream like a lot of male bands I plan on gaining the punk-rock,metal aka looking like a dude but identifying as a female. My plan is to be able to sound like a dude when i sing at least try to get my voice deep enough to sound like Kellin Quinn from SWS which tbh won't be that hard. I'm 17 i turn 18 on October 11th and have been wanting to be a vocalist for a band and me being in band with all dudes and look like a guy but isn't a guy would make it very interesting and unique I also have some ideas for band names one of which- GettingStabbedByKnives. I still need sometime to prepare/get my voice to where I can Scream and sing deep. I need a Drummer,Bass Guitar, Guitar, Lead-guitar, it would be nice to have the members to be males so i can get some back up vocal screams unless ur a female that can scream like the males like I can. We would be starting out by doing covers for PTV and SWS and uploading them on YouTube and making social media accounts and posting the videos everywhere. Let me know if u guys r interested I plan making this into a career making this go far not just some hobby Email me: if interested I will be in contact with u from now and to where I'm ready to put together the band If u guys cold send me a video of u playing the instrument u have chose to play that would be nice and if u can scream and is interested in being the back up vocalist.

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