Band looking for bass player, singer, and secondary guitarist

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bass player guitarist guitarist - lead guitarist - rythm singer vocalist - choral cover / tribute indie rock metal other punk rock

Band members wanted in Carlsbad, California, United States.

Carlsbad, California, United States

Hi, I am the drummer for my band and we are looking for bass,vocals, and 2nd guitarist. You can also combine such instruments such as singing and bass. Currently the band consist of drums and 2 guitars, but the guitarist are willing to switch around.

*18 years or younger please, we are all high school students

For now, the band is for fun but will eventually be taken to the next level. Practice will probably be 1-2 a week. You can jam with us to try it out, but once you say your committed, you must be active.

We plan to cover/make/play music in such categories:
-rock (hard, indie, progressive,classic)
-alternative (staying away from pop bands)
-metal (NOT screamo, we like people such as Tool, Alice In Chains, Metallica)
-reggae (we are inexperienced in this category)

We aren't incredibly good, but we are decent enough and practice/learn all the time. Thanks!!

Based in Carlsbad California

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