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Band members wanted in Nichols, South Carolina, United States.

Nichols, South Carolina, United States

My name is Carson Floyd. I am 16 years old and I am looking for musicians to join my band. The working title of the band is System Fracture. I LOVE Metal and Rock music. I enjoy listening to bands such as Pink Floyd, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, Korn, Disturbed, SoaD, etc.

I need a guitarist, bassist, and a drummer. I can do vocals and keyboarding. I also have NO idea how to write/compose a song, so I will need a songwriter and a composer. An extra vocalist would be great, too. My voice is good for regular vocals, but my screams and growls need work.

I always wanted a career in music, but I don't have enough experience to do it all on my own. So what better way to do that then to cooperate with others with the same goal? I want this not only for myself, but for my bandmates, and anyone else looking to start their musical career.

This isn't just a mission to achieve global recognition, however. It's a mission to be proud of ourselves and each other. I just want us to have fun. If we can't accomplish anything else, I at least want us to have fun and enjoy what we do. Anyway, I look forward to meeting you.

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