Candy Syndrome Auditions (looking for singers & dancers) ages 23-29

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composer electronic musician singer songwriter vocalist - backing electronic

Band members wanted in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Candy syndrome is a “menhera” themed (official look and music) techno/trance group.
I am currently searching for one or two other members to join me and making cover videos creating our own music and auditioning for record companies in Japan!

To audition, please…
– Send in a one minute 30 second recording of you singing a cappella.
Any song is fine, but a Japanese song is preferred.
– Send in a dance cover. Any song is perfectly fine.
– Send in your best menhera photo!
(I want to see how creative you can be with your looks!)

There will be a second round. The second round is an interview. It can be typed or as a video. You MUST be able to do both dancing and singing.

Please send your auditions by EMAIL to… (Berii Syndrome - purple member, leader)

Please include your Facebook name so I can add you to the Facebook group should you make it.

No need to addition if you can’t commit to practicing at least 12 hours per week. I am looking for dedicated members who will take this seriously. If not known already, you must be willing to learn the Japanese language. If you know you will be dedicated, putting forth 110% and is willing to grow as a whole with the group, then please audition.

JANUARY 15th - FEBRUARY 12th 2018

Disclaimer: CS does not have any funding to pay the members at the moment. CS is NOT an idol group.

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