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bass player christian metal punk

Band members wanted in Sanford, Florida, United States.

Sanford, Florida, United States

We are a Christian Metalcore band named "God Kind" looking for 1 or possibly 2 more members.

We are evangelical. Our number one goal is to bring the lost to salvation. Our number two goal is to make a living off of good music.

Our band currently has 3 members: a drummer, a lead vocalist (can do screaming and clean vocals), and a lead guitarist. We are primarily looking for a bass player right now.

We are near recording a single and playing shows.

We are based in DeLand, Florida, but we also have members living in Sanford and Apopka, Florida.

1. Real relationship with Jesus
- We may ask you a few things about what you believe. You do not need to be a certain
denomination. We just want to be on the same page as to who Jesus is to us.
- Must be plugged into a church (Or have a really good reason as to why not)
2. Can play relatively well
3. Gear
4. Commitment

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