Double Bass Drummer who plays literally and metaphorically everything... Looking for a guitarist/songwriter

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Posted 7 months ago by Richard Gentile. 154 views.

drummer drummer - double bass singer songwriter electronic experimental hip hop metal other punk

Band members wanted in Burbank, California, United States.

Burbank, California, United States

I can read music, i have studied music professionally.

My listening preferences...
Truthfully i hate all music except for technical metal and deathcore.
After that i like Hard Rap and Hard Techno. I loathe everything mainstream and thoughtless.

My playing tastes...
Much different than my listening preferences. i actually like playing mainstream and brainless music. It's a lot of fun. i enjoy covering easier songs that people love.

I have an electronic set and an acoustic set, so i can play every genre of music imaginable.

If you're wondering, "if he think he's so good, why does he need a partner."

Because music is like that, i need someone to collaborate with. Preferably a metal guitarist/singer who likes to push boundaries.

I am unconcerned with labels and genres, if you are interested in a meet and greet or a jam session, message me on this site. Ill get back to you.

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