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guitarist pianist singer violinist vocalist - backing vocalist - choral americana cover / tribute other pop punk rock

Band members wanted in Birmingham, Alabama, United States.

Birmingham, Alabama, United States

I am looking for people who want to be famous. Who want to get up on a stage and play or sing. Who are willing to do small-time gigs to start. If you are in the U.S. , we could do online videos to start off with.

What kind of music?
Any kind. I listen to music with variety. I take inspiration from pentatonix, BOB, MCR, TOP, AND many more.

How experienced do I have to be?
If you have a voice box you can sing with us. If you work hard and we'll with others then we will have you.

How many members will we need?
Not sure yet, but more than three.

What will we do, originals or covers?
Both, hopefully.
13-17 year Olds who are interested, do message me.

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