Drummer/Bassist needed, possibly lead guitarist too

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Posted 11 months ago by Julián Berdegué. 289 views.

guitarist indie rock jazz rock

Wants to join a band in Austin, Texas, United States.

Austin, Texas, United States

I'm a singer songwriter looking to form a band. I play rock/alternative/jazz influenced songs, all original. The goal is to become the next big band and won't settle for less. I'm looking for great musicianship just as much as ambition.

The goal is also to bring real music back to the limelight, none of this fast-food music bullocks (Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber, and friends). Music is paramount, business follows, NOT the other way around.

In case I'm sounding really intense so far, I'm actually really chilled out, I just want like-minded and ambitious musicians.

The SoundCloud link is from ages ago and the YouTube link is from a one-off I did with my roommates in college, and my voice was pretty shit.

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