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drummer classical rock

Wants to join a band in Bellingham, Washington, United States.

Bellingham, Washington, United States

Hello! I'm Alex I am 23 years old and currently attending WWU. I am looking to join a band in the Bellingham area. My music preferences include rock bands like Rush, Led Zeppelin, ACDC to name a few. I also enjoy progressive rock and some metal. Please message me if you are wanting to start something!

my cellphone: (425)-273-1761

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I've been drumming for 30+ years, with lots of 80's influence. I was in a band in California but moved here last summer. I'm itching to get back in! I have a five-piece Tama kit with Zildjians and transportation. Influences include Led Zeppelin,.. read more »

Available: Bass Player, Guitarist, Guitarist - Lead, Guitarist - Rythm, Singer, Songwriter in Olalla, Washington, United States.
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I'm currently 17 wanting to start an all girl. Currently we need a bassist or a drummer! i'd like to focus on writing original music and do some covers. i'd also prefer those joining to be between 15-20, to keep the ages semi close together. DM.. read more »

Wanted: Bass Player, Drummer in Seattle, Washington, United States.
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We are band with a guitarist, vocalist/lyricist, and bassist. We write a lot of original material and we are ready to gig once we get a drummer. An album is in progress and we hope to be in the studio and on Spotify this summer. Upcoming is a.. read more »

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