Experienced rock and metal singer/songwriter looking for band members.

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Posted 11 months ago by pskylarkk. 195 views.

bass player drummer - double bass guitarist - lead guitarist - rythm vocalist - backing metal punk rock

Wants to join a band in LaSalle, Illinois, United States.

LaSalle, Illinois, United States

Would prefer musicians with at least five years of experience. Not to be snobbish or anything, but I’ve been writing songs and singing since I was eight.
A drummer who can play double bass is preferred.
If you’re a guitarist who likes playing metal riffs, this will be the band for you.
Also, don’t care if you’re old young boy or girl, in fact, a bit of variety would be better.
I generally put together the music to my songs. All the same, I'd love if the band members can compose as well, (more perspectives, more ideas coming together.)
I love what I do, I'm good at what I do, and I hope this band will move on to fame and success. In fact, I won't settle for anything less! :D
My band influences are Red, Breaking Benjamin, Starset, Bring Me The Horizon, and 5FDP.

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