Experienced song writer, producer looking for seasoned vocalists in UAE

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Posted 2 months ago by AndyKay. 103 views.

vocalist - backing vocalist - choral bluegrass blues blues rock classical country country rock

Band members wanted in Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I'm working on several projects for various artists and would like record demo's of my original songs here in Dubai for demo to artist purpose only. In special cases if the vocalist has what it takes I produce and promote their tracks locally, The genre is AOL, Adult orientated focusing on
Movie tracks, Artists with old style vocals 1950,s 60,s, usually alto. Welcome
Also Country middle of the road. I would be interested in young Philippine female artists with a (Country 'early Talyor Swift, clean sound) and good image also" Songs are recorded and produced in Nashville, Muscle Shoals USA not in UAE. I'm from UK but have good contacts in ABC CBN, GMA records as well as UK Country radio and USA Nashville. Song are released Globally along with a music video. email. Number1artists@gmail.com

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