FM(??)B Looking for passionate males for a boy group

Hi, I am creating a boy group named FM(No. members)B (has a meaning, if you are interested about it then ask me).
My idea is for people to come together with passion and create this very diverse boy group.
I am looking for people who are willing to learn dance, other languages, and vocal skills, I would prefer for those who apply to be passionate and hardworking but to know only minimal dancing, singing, or language skills as I want all members to work on this together over the span of a couple of years (2-4).
My requirements for applications for members are: Male identifying, 16-22 (age can be lowered or raised in some exceptions), no alcohol, drugs, or illegal substances abuse, has an internet connection and social media to send messages and do video calls, has commitment to work with the other members, is willing to work by a schedule for training and practice.
Please don't send messages on this website as my message system on this has messed up and the 5 per day thing stopped resetting so I can only send 5 messages overall, to join the group or discuss more details about the group then email me at or use my social media (Instagram, Snapchat) my username is fang_boi.
I hope to hear from people very soon, and even if you don't want to join the group but think that it would be nice to get some help with a set schedule for training then contact me because I would gladly try my best to help. :)
Good luck finding what you are looking for!

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