For the Artistry and Love of Creating a Different Kind of Rock Music

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bass player drummer guitarist - rythm vocalist - backing experimental metal other rock

Band members wanted in Studio City, Los Angeles, California, United States.

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Studio City, Los Angeles, California, United States

We’re a singer and guitarist who’ve been creating music for 15+ years together, but what we’re missing are players who share the same goals, enthusiasm, and drive to be in a band for the artistry and love of creating a different kind of rock music. We have a brand new album that we haven’t even been able to perform live yet. We’ve auditioned many players, but so far nothing has felt right. There are lots of “jacks of all trades” musically speaking, players who are in it solely for the $, and players who just haven’t been patient or skilled enough to learn the material. We moved to LA thinking that this was where the pool of musicians and opportunities are - we hope that’s still the case!

We are looking for a DRUMMER, BASSIST (5-string) & RHYTHM GUITARIST to complete the lineup. We want to find like minded people to create and share the stage with- something deeper and a bit different than mainstream rock. We want to collaborate with people who aren’t afraid to be challenged, who aren’t afraid of a little hard work, dedication, people who care about the details and who are confident but not driven by ego.

We may be asking a lot, but we know that these types of players exist…and we hope that those players would be looking for the right project “fit” too. We would love to build on what we've already established but also expand and create something new, refreshing, and fun with hopes of taking it to the next level!

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