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Band members wanted in Oslo, Oslo, Norway.

Oslo, Oslo, Norway

Hi there everyone.
We are a girl group with 3 members for now, we need 4 more members.
The genres is Hiphop, R&B, Jazz, Pop, EDM, Trap, Rap etc.. the reason why we choose so many genres is that we don’t want to be putted in a box, we want to be unique and different from others.
It’s a seven member group ( 4 vocalist and 3 Rappers )
We want to show the world new stuff and how to make music in different ways
This is not the group for you if you are all girly, it will be hardcore dance practice. You can be all girly and shy normally, but when it comes to performing and stuff you must be professional. We will dance have ALL kinds of dance, but mostly hip-hop, EDM, Dance-trap kinda thing.
We already have 2 vocalist and 1 rapper.
We need two more rappers and 2 more vocalists.
You don’t have to be good at it, as long as you try your best we are okay with it. We don’t need negativity, disrespectful, unmotivated, impatient people. We only need nice, sweet, patient, good hearted people.
Things that are a must is:
- you must be from 16 - 22/23.
- must be nice.
- Must be able to accept and try new things (open minded)
- Dedicated and passionated

You can contact me on my Instagram, kik, or skype for more info.
Instagram: Atima_nostopbye
Kik: Sanpa780
Skype: Sumeyatategami
PS: you don’t have to live at the same place as the others, but you need to be able to travel if needed.

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