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Posted 1 year ago by Yasmin. 156 views.

vocalist - choral hip hop

Wants to join a band in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.

Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

I am looking a girl band that is in to r&b or hip hop that someone could sing

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Available: Bass Player, Drummer, Guitarist - Lead, Guitarist - Rythm in Brecon, Wales, United Kingdom.
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im a 16 year old girl who loves singing, I want to start a girl band preferably people who can play an instrument like drums or guitar but it wouldn't matter if you couldn't. the age range I am looking for would be 16-19 or 20, would like it if they.. read more »

Available: Songwriter, Singer in Brecon, Wales, United Kingdom.
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Available: Bass Player, Guitarist - Acoustic, Guitarist - Rythm, Songwriter, Producer in Bodffordd, Wales, United Kingdom.
Posted 6 months ago by Mpumi Khumalo, 100 views.

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