Guitarists and Bassist Needed!!

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Posted 11 months ago by JJ-FG. 235 views.

drummer drummer - double bass guitarist guitarist - acoustic guitarist - lead guitarist - rythm indie rock metal punk rock

Band members wanted in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We are a 16-year-old Drummer/Guitarist and a 15 almost 16-year-old vocalist who are in need of more band members!!! The genres that we like to play the most are pop-punk, indie rock, punk rock, and post-hardcore BUT if you enjoy other genres that, is good too, as we really want an original sound, which we can do by combining genres. We are looking for band members who are committed and will not jam with us once and then quit. If you would like to jam with us, please feel free message me on this website or email me at (more likely to respond to emails)

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if there are any teenagers who know a lot of theory and know their way around thrash metal,please message me. We are located in the greater toronto area. TYPE OF MUSICIANS- LEAD AND BASS PLAYERS, BE SOMEWHAT GOOD AT THOSE TITLES INFLLUENCES-.. read more »

Wanted: Bass Player, Guitarist - Lead in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Posted 1 month ago by bloxnbrixgamer, 64 views.

Currently we're just a duo ( guitarist and drummer), and we're looking for a bass player and a vocalist, we are 14 and 17, and we make punk, garage and grunge music, a little metal we don't mind, or blues, or anything really, we don't mind.. read more »

Wanted: Bass Player, Guitarist - Rythm, Vocalist - Backing, Vocalist - Choral in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Posted 1 day ago by DrummerKid13, 11 views.

Hello, My band is a rock/ punk band that is currently looking for A bassist A rythm guitarist We have material already writen and we need a bassist and a rythm guitarist, we are a HIGHLY dedicated band, so dont expect to be slouching of every day.. read more »

Wanted: Bass Player, Guitarist - Rythm, Vocalist - Backing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Posted 3 months ago by DrummerKid13, 122 views.

We currently consist of a vocalist, drummer/guitarist and guitarist/bassist and are based in Toronto. We are looking for a guitarist, bassist or drummer to fill the fourth position of the band. Our ages are 15-17 and we like bands like muse, foo.. read more »

Wanted: Bass Player, Drummer, Drummer - Double Bass, Guitarist, Guitarist - Lead, Guitarist - Rythm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Posted 8 months ago by JJ-FG, 229 views.

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