Help a recently paralyzed musician and have fun doing it making music from your home

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Posted 11 months ago by Gregory Cottles. 319 views.

bass player DJ drummer guitarist guitarist - lead trumpeter electronic indie rock noise pop punk

Band members wanted in Seattle, Washington, United States.

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Seattle, Washington, United States

musician horribly paralyzed after a fall needs studio musicians to record his last 3 studio albums. I have demos, I just need musicians of all types to finish and reinterpret songs made a few years ago before my accident. please help as an act of charity as I have no money to pay you, I would like to exchange WAV files to complete production over the net, I can prove injuries over the net/skype and welcome any feedback, it's all going well, you can hear demos at
the songs are in Japanese and sung by my Japanese vocalist
thanks for reading my message I look forward to meeting you

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