I am another member of space anjels band here are some things i want to say. ( and we need another member in colorado)

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Posted 10 months ago by spaceanjel. 242 views.

bass player drummer guitarist pianist violist classical experimental other rock

Band members wanted in Brighton, Colorado, United States.

Brighton, Colorado, United States

The primary excuse I hear for not starting a band is “I’m not good enough.” That’s actually an advantage; the less experience you have, the more musicians there are to choose from. Face it; it’s a lot easier finding inexperienced players than top-notch professionals. Start a band of equals and grow in experience together. The sooner you get started the faster you’ll achieve your dream.The most common mistake people make when writing an ad is to misrepresent their level of experience. An inexperienced musician often tries to appear experienced to attract better players. The problem is, those better players won’t be interested in playing with a less experienced musician for long. Believe me, I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I’ve auditioned people that were way beneath the level I was seeking, and I’ve been auditioned by more experienced musicians. So, begin with an honest evaluation of your skills and your level of commitment to include in the ad.

You must create an ad that clearly expresses who you are and the type of musicians that you’re seeking. The ad should state your musical taste, level of experience, dedication, and goals. If there’s anything else that distinguishes you from other musicians mention that too. This might include your recording equipment, contacts, and rehearsal space.

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Wanted: Bass Player, Drummer, Guitarist in Brighton, Colorado, United States.
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