I'm looking for 15yrs old boys who can sing very well

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Posted 1 year ago by Vedant. 348 views.

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Band members wanted in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

I'm looking for 3, 15 yrs old boys who are very good in singing English songs . Even I am 15 . I want them to be cooperative with others . And should be there for the team for good and bad time . We must make our self proud among the people ,those guys who are there waiting for such a opportunity pick it up . But you guys must be in Bangalore , Karnataka, India . And we are doing only English songs might be some covers or our own songs. Thank you guys . If you are interested please mail me at vedantgumaj@gmail.com.
And by the way I have given the link of a work that I have done for my old band .

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