I need players, guitar, bass, violin, and durmmer, Maybe piano,

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Posted 11 months ago by Megan Gallant. 252 views.

bass player drummer guitarist oboe player pianist violinist cover / tribute indie rock metal other punk rock

Band members wanted in Bucyrus, Ohio, United States.

Bucyrus, Ohio, United States

In Bucyrus Ohio, looking for people into punk, emo, rock, metal, and other. Male or female, ages 16 to 20, must be willing to learn new things, and be kinda to all members, bring own guitars,basses,anything, we here mainly care about fun and getting heard, I write songs so if you do to we will play them, please join

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Wanted: Bass Player in Galion, Ohio, United States.
Posted 1 month ago by Azrael-P, 52 views.

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Wanted: Bass Player, Songwriter in Galion, Ohio, United States.
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