Idea #1: Motif To Song

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Posted 6 months ago by ArcherArcade. 170 views.

electronic musician guitarist keyboardist saxophonist singer songwriter electronic hip hop jazz lounge reggae ska

Band members wanted in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Seattle, Washington, United States

This is a collaboration idea. Just join the collective and then we will do this idea.
The idea is as follows; Step 1, have a music session where we just fool around, playing melodies and chords without a care. Step 2, compile every idea and piece of audio that could be used musically for our purposes. Step 3, tag the ideas for organization. Step 4, think of what to do with the organized ideas, assembling them into different song projects. Step 5, make music tracks from the ideas. Step 6, sit back and enjoy the good music!
Basically, we get to make some music tracks with a bit of ease. As always, almost any kind of music is allowed. Location does not matter; we are doing this over the internet. Lets have fun!

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