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drummer guitarist keyboardist pianist rapper songwriter christian electronic hip hop metal punk rock

Band members wanted in Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

Looking for members to join in on a rap / nu-metal style of music from a Christian /
inspirational standpoint. "Into the Flames" uses music to relate to those hurting, and
shows them that they are not alone in their feelings; and that even though there is
darkness, there will always be light in the midst of it.

While the band has religious roots, it doesn't state names commonly associated with religion (i.e. Jesus). Instead, the lyrics of the songs hint to one who can help through
the pain and misery of life; whether it's a Divine Being, or if it's a friend or loved one.

Taking large influence from bands such as "DANGERKIDS" and "From Ashes To New", "Into the Flames" combines the catchy, yet emotional style of rap & hip-hop with the aggressive, passionate style of nu-metal & metalcore.

The bands biggest influences as follows:
"DANGERKIDS" & "From Ashes To New" - Nu-metal
"Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas" - Electro-core
"Dead by April" & "My Diligent Future" - Electric Metal-core
"Crown the Empire" - Metal-core

Current band members:

Soru Williams - Clean / Dirty vocals

Current Equipment:

Blue Snowball iCE microphone
REAPER mixing program
2 Electric guitars
SIMMONS electric drum set

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