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JOIN SHØRTS!RKVTZ TODAY (5 person Music Production Songwriting group)

Hello, I am Noah Boyd, AKA NOAH NO!R, I am From New Bedford, MA, and I am Starting a Music Production/Songwriting Group of 5 People called "SHORTS!RKVTZ" (Short-Sir-cuts). Our Genres Include, But are LIMITED TO: Pop, Country, Electronic, R&B, Rock, Pop-Punk, J-Pop, K-Pop, Rap-Rock, EDM, Electropop, Dancepop, Disco, Techno, Dubstep, and Digital Hardcore (EDM Meets Metal).

The Instrumentalists I am Looking for are, Drummer/Beat Sequencer, Keyboardist, Guitarist, and Bassist. So, If interested in joining SHORTS!RKVTZ, text me today at: +1-774-606-4979.

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Posted 7 months ago by SHORT-SIRKVTZ. 319 views.

Band members wanted in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

drummer electronic musician guitarist keyboardist percussionist songwriter electronic pop rock

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