Lifelong Female Vocalist & Amateur Songwriter/Lyricist Seeking to Join a Band

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bass player drummer electronic musician guitarist keyboardist pianist cover / tribute electronic hip hop indie rock pop rock

Band members wanted in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Seattle, Washington, United States

I have over a decade of experience singing and performing with my earliest performances usually involving musical plays. I played and sang as Rizzo in Grease in a school play and jumped at every singing opportunity that came my way since then.

My vocals fall into the Female Alto range by default, but I can easily hit and sustain notes in most of the mezzo-soprano range in falsetto as well. While my natural singing voice is unique to me, I have been told I can imitate the singing styles of Imogen Heap (Frou Frou), Emily Haines (Metric), and Lorde perfectly.

When I'm given partial or full instrumentals, I can easily improvise basic vocal melodies and lyrics on the spot with little to no preparation and even if the song is brand new to me. I created this basic electronica song entirely on my own (lyrics, vocals, & music) a couple of years ago:

When listening to music, I tend to gravitate towards Indie Rock and Electronica, but I can appreciate good music in almost any genre, and I love to sing regardless of context. I'm looking for either a band that needs a vocalist/songwriter or solo musicians who want to collaborate with a female vocalist. If you'd like to meet up with me and have a chat/jam session in the Seattle area, please message me!

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