Looking for 2-3 people to start an indie band

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bass player drummer guitarist pianist producer experimental indie rock other pop punk

Band members wanted in El Mirage, Arizona, United States.

El Mirage, Arizona, United States

I'm looking for one or two more people who are serious about making a band. For the past year or so, every attempt I've made at keeping a group together has failed (maybe because im trash or something, lord knows.)

All I ask is that you're serious about making music, good with working with a team, and are at least kinda good at playing an instrument (I'm still a beginner too, so it wouldn't be fair to demand an expert.) All identities are welcome!!

A little bit about myself: I'm 16 years old (about to be 17), and I've been in choir and voice classes for about 8 years. I write my own songs, and am a beginner at ukulele and acoustic guitar. I mainly write and sing indie songs (or that weird ukulele quirky stuff.) But I can very easily branch out into other music genres. Hell, I could write country if I tried.

If you're interested, here's my contact info!
Email: starabella.avery@gmail.com
Instagram: golfboysclique
Kik: Eatmynoodlesbitch
Snapchat: ghostkidtobii


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