Looking for a co-founder (mezzo/contralto lead singer & lyricist) of an online pop-band

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singer songwriter cover / tribute electronic pop reggae

Band members wanted in Los Angeles, California, United States.

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Los Angeles, California, United States

Hello everyone.

I decided to start an online pop band (duo), which means we're gonna work in an online collaboration with each other, at least until there will be demand for live gigs or touring. I'm not hiring a singer, I'm looking for a co-founder/member of our band, and I want this to be a long-term partnership and not just a one-time thing. I'm highly motivated and willing to work for many years until we succeed, and then some more.

I will be writing the music (and I also write the vocal melodies myself) and producing the tracks, maybe doing some backing vocals. You will be writing the lyrics and also be the lead singer. Maybe occasionally you will contribute the music and I will contribute the lyrics, any combination is possible.

The style of our music will be straightforward electronic dance pop with the occasional slow ballads and everything will be heavily influenced by Ace of Base and Hi-NRG/Italo disco music.

You need to be able to record your vocals at a decent quality to send them to me.

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