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Posted 10 months ago by gentry. 311 views.

bass player keyboardist vocalist - choral folk indie rock rock

Wants to join a band in Ka-lo Park, Gilbert, Arizona, United States.

Ka-lo Park, Gilbert, Arizona, United States

hey all, i'm looking for some band members. just some people to vibe with and maybe write some songs and perform a few gigs. i play guitar and have a drummer- keyboard and bass is needed and maybe a vocalist. let me know if you're down to join and jam

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Wanted: Drummer, Guitarist, Guitarist - Lead, Keyboardist, Songwriter, Vocalist - Backing in Gilbert, Arizona, United States.
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Wanted: Bass Player, Drummer, Guitarist, Guitarist - Lead in Gilbert, Arizona, United States.
Posted 5 months ago by Sabina, 184 views.

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Available: Bass Player, Drummer, Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, Producer in Gilbert, Arizona, United States.
Posted 3 weeks ago by n-icol-e, 49 views.

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