Looking for band members (all roles)

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bass player drummer guitarist guitarist - lead guitarist - rythm singer indie rock metal punk rock

Wants to join a band in Irving, Texas, United States.

Irving, Texas, United States

Looking for dedicated band members for a serious metal/rock/emo/punk/whatever we feel like band. Im 16 and I play guitar and write songs and lyrics all the time. I have pretty flexible rehearsal hours and I'm 100% dedicated to music. Also, Im down to just jam before starting anything serious, so don't be afraid to hmu even if you're nervous about being in a band, though my end goal is to record and tour. Contact me at bradley.m.dunham@gmail.com.

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I am a 13 year old drummer that has been playing the drums for about a year and a half. I have written the basics and lyrics for a few songs. I absoultly love music and my faviorte genre is pop punk. Some of my favorite bands are Neck Deep, State.. read more »

Wanted: Bass Player, Guitarist, Keyboardist, Songwriter, Vocalist - Choral in McKinney, Texas, United States.
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Available: Guitarist - Lead, Keyboardist, Pianist, Rapper, Songwriter, Vocalist - Backing in Fort Worth, Texas, United States.
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19 year old guitarist and singer/songwriter from East Dallas looking to start a (preferably all female) christian alternative rock band (I can make exceptions for guys too). Needs a bassist, drummer and second guitarist between the ages of 17-21.. read more »

Wanted: Bass Player, Drummer, Guitarist, Guitarist - Lead, Songwriter in Dallas, Texas, United States.
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16 year female looking to join a band (can be covers or originals) in the DFW area. I do not write my own songs, but i'm down to learn what other people have written. I love all music genres and i'm really up for anything. I have slight social.. read more »

Available: Bass Player, Drummer, Guitarist - Lead, Songwriter in Fort Worth, Texas, United States.
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