Looking for bassist, drummer, keys

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bass player drummer guitarist keyboardist singer blues folk indie rock pop punk reggae

Band members wanted in Fort Lee, New Jersey, United States.

Fort Lee, New Jersey, United States

Names Hunter. 18 years old and I sing and play guitar. Looking to form a band!! I lie somewhere between beginner and intermediate experience. Im looking for a drummer, bassist, keys in the NYC and NORTHEAST NEW JERSEY AREA. Im into many different types of music but recently been really into reggae stuff like SUBLIME, Rebelution, and 311. Definitely some big influences on me. Some more would be red hot chili peppers, nirvana, and more new stuff like mac demarco, Tame Impala, and King Krule. Like I said I'm in the NYC AREA and would love to be in or start a band, but if that doesn't work Im totally down to jam sometime! ;) Anyways lmk if y'all are trying to jam sometime... ;))

Txt me if u want at 917-923-9390
IG me @hkunomi

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