Looking for members for Depressive Black Metal band.

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bass player singer other rock

Band members wanted in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Eklips is a project I started over two years ago with someone. However they are no longer here...and so it stayed dead for a long while. Until now.

Eklips is a Depressive Black metal ,and I'm looking for a vocalist, and rhythm/acoustic guitarist. If you are able to perform both roles that would be perfect.

This band wont be a live project. It will strictly be about releasing EP's,Albums, and pieces of music we deem to reflect the essence of what this band is and shall be. Melancholy and the depression of life. If you enjoy black metal, specifically the more depressive side of life then perhaps Eklips is something you too can be a part of. I have my new revamped logo, along with some riffs, album art and promotional photos already made. A Facebook page has also been made but has not been advertised due to there not being any material made public as of yet.

Eklips is something I believe in. I have already wanted to release music and material under it. But die to certain circumstances I never had the means to or materials to do so. I am now ready to make this a reality. Will you help me achieve that?

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