Looking for Members To Start a Band!!

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bass player drummer electronic musician guitarist - lead guitarist - rythm songwriter cover / tribute electronic experimental indie rock punk rock

Wants to join a band in Fort Worth, Texas, United States.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Hello my name is Krissy I live in DFW Texas. Mostly the FW side.
I am a very strong singer I have 8+ years of singing experience. I however can only play piano therefore I need an experienced group of individuals that can help me get this rolling. I'm not saying you need to be a pro but please be able to read sheet music or chords if I buy them. I have been singing and song writing so long and I just want my music to reach people. So i'm begging if you are interested in ANY kind of rock band (yes we are starting with covers to get the feel) then PLEASE message me or TEXT me at 940.399.4689
I don't care how old you are but you HAVE to be 18 or you cant play shows. So please no lying about your age. Also I have all the proper RECORDING EQUIPMENT including video so yay we can put stuff on YouTube.
I hope to hear from people, have a good one.

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