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Looking for people to start a band with

Hello my name is Sparrow-Aiden and I'm 15 years old and a trans male (I haven't started anything yet so my voice isn't that deep) and I do vocals. I'm looking for a bass player, 1-2 guitar players, and a drummer to start a band with me. I'm still trying to make my voice sound better through vocal exercises/warm ups, so if you're still learning to play that's fine. As for what kind of band (like genre) I don't really know I do listen to most rock like, Green Day, swmrs, MCR and more pop-punk bands like waterparks (if you know any good bands I should check out tell me please) so I'd prefer more of a punk rock/alternative sound but I do want to experiment in other places as well. It's best to contact me on Twitter because I'm on there more (at GlitchSA200279) and once we talk and get to know each other we can talk on Skype. I'd prefer if you were also in Washington state but if you're somewhere else that's fine as long as you can talk, record and stuff. (I do want to do this as a career not just a hobby) The only things I really care about is that you're nice and accepting of all people, you take this seriously, you're close in age (13-21 at most), and we get along. Also my family has 3 cats so if you're allergic be warned. Also I have a morbid sense of humor so if you're not okay with that tell me and I won't make those jokes around you

Just a bit more of my non-music related interests:

Doctor Who
Harry Potter
Shane Dawson
Dan and Phil
Family Guy
Bobs burgers

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Posted 1 year ago by Sparrow-Aiden. 388 views.

Wants to join a band in Highline, White Center, Washington, United States.

Highline, White Center, Washington, United States

bass player drummer guitarist - lead guitarist - rythm indie rock punk rock

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