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Band members wanted in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Looking for a rock vocalist to replace our vocalist who had just departed. The band has been together for a year. Our song list is as follows:
15th March 2018

1st set : 46.28 minutes

03.Died in your arms tonight
04.When i see you smile
05.Long cool woman
06.Listen to the music
07.Hotel california
08.Black magic woman
09.Oye como va
10.Corazon espinado

2nd set : 47.27 minutes

01.Shine on you crazy diamond
02.Comfortably numb
03.Hard to say I am sorry
04.Sultan of swing.
05.Temple of the kings
06.Soldier of fortune
07.Crazy little thing called love
08.Glorious days : chinese
09.Kiss goodbye : chinese
10.I am angry : chinese

3rd set : 48.50 minutes

01.Old man down the road
02.Johnny be good
03.I dont wanna talk about it
04.Under the vast sky : chinese
05.No more hesitation : chinese
06.Its my life
07.Smoke on the water
08.Highway star
09.Whole lotta love
10.Stairway to heaven
An Audition is required. Successful candidate will be paid with reasonable rate of RM250 and above per practice session until the band starts to perform. We expect to complete and be readied to perform after 12 practice sessions. Hopefully the 12 practice session will be done within 2 and a half months.

Contact : david.dlch@gmail.com

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