Looking for spiritual metal heads for sound therapy alternative rock/metal band

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Posted 10 months ago by Kiba. 293 views.

bass player drummer - double bass electronic musician guitarist - lead guitarist - rythm singer experimental metal punk religious rock world music

Band members wanted in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Seattle, Washington, United States

As title says, looking for spiritually aware people who gravitate towards alternative, rock, and metal. Looking to form a band that circulates around healing with sound therapy through heavier tones. Wanting to incorporate bi-neural beats and native drumming with a progressive backing; going for more of a metal-core approach but with hard rock and alternative influences to give the sound extra power and emotion.

An essence of faith would be necessary for this position.

Looking for bassist, lead and rhythm guitarists, drummer(s), and "screamers" (haha).

Below will be a video of my vocals, Its the only video I have at the moment, and is a fairly recent performance (also hadn't performed in a long time before the video). I goofed a couple of times because of stage freight (practically gone now), and have improved since the video; planning to update later this week.

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