Looking for teen girls (maybe boys too) to form a rock band with

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bass player drummer guitarist - lead keyboardist singer metal punk rock

Band members wanted in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My name is Rachelle, and I’m looking for people my age (14-18) to start a rock band with. Preferably an all-girl band like The Runaways, but if ur a boy that enjoys the bands listed below and u want to join me in this endeavour, feel free to contact me.
Influences include THE RUNAWAYS, Alice Cooper, cheap trick, The Sex Pistols, maybe some Megadeth and Metallica...basically a mix of Rock, Punk Rock and Metal.
I play guitar and I’m not that advanced yet so I’ll probably be playing rhythm.
Needed: lead guitarist, bassist, possible keyboardist, vocalist, and a drummer. I really want to make this a serious project.
Ways to contact me:
Email: awesomerachee@gmail.com
Instagram: @r4ch3113._
Snapchat: @N3onangel

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