Looking to join band for the first time

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Posted 10 months ago by MichaelWil. 203 views.

bass player DJ drummer guitarist - lead guitarist - rythm percussionist rock

Wants to join a band in Manchester, New Hampshire, United States.

Manchester, New Hampshire, United States

looking to join alternative metal group, I'm into any kind of metal so I'm open to anything, love music and really want to get involved in it, looking for people between 18-25, if preferably looking for people who also have never been in a band to get a fresh new experience

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I believe in a very different way of bands than most people today do. I don't believe in getting 4 members together, setting a date to meet and then all meeting at the same time. It never works out, most people get bored before hand or even nervous.. read more »

Wanted: Guitarist - Lead, Bass Player, Drummer in Exeter, New Hampshire, United States.
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Available: Bass Player, Drummer, Guitarist, Singer in Hampton Beach, Hampton, New Hampshire, United States.
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Looking for Guitarist and Various Brass and Wind players I would love to do this live but if I must I will settle for an internet version of this to start. I have everything written feel free to ask, I can transpose to any key to what you play... read more »

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Posted 11 months ago by Taylor Belanger, 272 views.

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