Looking to make a diverse guy group/boy band

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Posted 1 week ago by Latrae. 62 views.

rapper singer songwriter producer vocalist - backing vocalist - choral cover / tribute experimental hip hop indie rock other pop

Wants to join a band in Kansas City, Missouri, United States.

Kansas City, Missouri, United States

I want to start a group! I write songs, sing, rap, play instruments and produce I need to find people with a passion for music and will be dedicated to make something great from nothing I need 4 talented musicians/singers/rappers/dancers pop/rnb/hiphop/rock/creative I want it to create something unique and make an impact on the not just Kansas City but the world if you’re interested send me an email: Latraejackson@gmail.com send me either videos of you performing or just singing or rapping send me links to your music if you have any.. I’ll send you some links to my stuff and we’ll see where it goes from there! The more creative/artistic/original you are the better!

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I am 17 and looking tor a band, ive been playing guitar for as long as I can remember and im more than capable of keeping up with faster styles of music. I will be fully committed to this and will put as much as i possibly can into it. I am looking.. read more »

Available: Bass Player, Drummer, Guitarist - Rythm, Singer in Prairie Point-Wildberry, Kansas City, Missouri, United States.
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The title says it all. I want to get this project started but no one I know is determined enough to try to create something, but would rather sit on their asses and play covers all day. I'm also looking for a singer, preferably male but if you're a.. read more »

Wanted: Guitarist - Lead, Guitarist - Rythm, Keyboardist, Organist, Pianist, Singer in Kansas City, Missouri, United States.
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I know that there are a lot of bands that start with vocalists, but if there a band out there in the Kansas City area that needs a singer...I might be the guy. I have been singing since I was 5 and have had recording time and vocal lessons. Most of.. read more »

Available: Bass Player, Drummer, Guitarist in Kansas City, Missouri, United States.
Posted 1 year ago by AJ84, 682 views.

I play keyboard and guitar (somewhat), I’m working on it. I’m looking for anyone who can play drums and guitar and can sing. I’m not a very good singer lol so if you have a pretty decent voice, I’ll take it. Any music is great, except country.. read more »

Available: Bass Player, Drummer, Guitarist - Lead, Songwriter, Vocalist - Backing, Vocalist - Choral in Blue Springs, Missouri, United States.
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