Looking to start 2-4 person band

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Posted 11 months ago by aquabloo. 415 views.

drummer guitarist keyboardist pianist rapper indie rock pop punk

Wants to join a band in El Mirage, Arizona, United States.

El Mirage, Arizona, United States

I'm a 16 y/o female, looking to start an indie/punk pop band. working with a larger group would be nice, but i prefer working with one or two people to avoid diagreements and keep things a bit easier.

I can mainly write indie/pop punk music but any music is just fine with me! I love to experiment.
I have about 5 years of voice lessons under my belt, and have played ukulele for about 6 months. I'm not the best at that, but im alright.

I'd prefer someone within my age bracket (16-19) cuz. yknow. yeah.
It would be really cool if you were in Arizona, but Ill work with anything that comes to me!

email me at starabella.avery@gmail.com or Kik at eatmynoodlesbitch or Instagram at golfboysclique!
thank you!!

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