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drummer bass player guitarist songwriter rock

Band members wanted in Oakville, Watertown, Connecticut, United States.

Oakville, Watertown, Connecticut, United States

I really want to start a band but I don't know anybody who wants to join who is in my area. I'm 16 and have been singing since I was 8. I've taken vocal lessons and can sing pretty much anything, but want to be in a rock/ metalcore band. I already have some band names in mind and just need some people to join! This is something that I hope to be permanent so if you're into that and want this to be a career than please hit me up.

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Available: Drummer, Guitarist - Acoustic, Bass Player, Guitarist, Pianist in Oakville, Watertown, Connecticut, United States.
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Available: Guitarist - Acoustic, Pianist, Songwriter in Oakville, Watertown, Connecticut, United States.
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