Looking to start band, same location not necessary!

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drummer guitarist - acoustic keyboardist singer songwriter electronic indie rock other pop punk

Band members wanted in Plano, Texas, United States.

Plano, Texas, United States

Hey i'm looking to start a band.
I live in Texas but if someone is good with editing and can be in charge of technical stuff, you can join no matter where you're from.

I'm a minor and looking for people around the same age group, 14-19
The band title I chose is Rustic Hospitality, but that could be up for debate.
The genre of music could fluctuate and just depend on what the members are feeling like.
Indie, pop, ect.
Could start on soundcloud, and move on from there.

I play ukulele (Have 2, a concert and a tenor) and ocarina, but eventually I'd like to learn piano as well.
Looking for anyone with an instrument, even if you're not very experienced as long as you're serious and in it for the long run that's enough.

Aside from instrument players we really need someone good with tech, to edit the songs and be in charge of that stuff (Could be one of the people playing the music, or not)
And a songwriter, anyone in the band can write songs for us to play as well but it'd be nice to have someone to primarily write the music.
Also a lead singer, preferably someone who also plays an instrument so if they're not the one singing or the song is instrumental they won't be left out.

It's pretty open, we need certain things but basically as long as you own and know how to play an instrument you're very likely to be in.
Please be able to, and up for voice calling on Discord.

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