Looking to start heavy metal band

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bass player drummer drummer - double bass guitarist guitarist - lead guitarist - rythm metal other punk

Band members wanted in San Jacinto, California, United States.

San Jacinto, California, United States

we are looking to start a metal band we play mainly Black- metal or death metal , we have a guitarist with 13 years of experience (me) and a vocalists, I play through a mesa boogie triple rectifier and a schecter diamond series hellraiser , you do not need that good of equipment you just need to be committed to making music into a career, we own extra basses a PA system and a 12 piece double bass drum set we also have a place to jam out and practice really loudly must be in the age range of 16-19 cause that's our ages we are looking for a drummer , bassist and a rythm guitarist hit me up on Instagram if you are interested in joining our band https://www.instagram.com/p/Bi24UNFlyth/ we arent looking for coworkers we are looking for people we can have fun with and become a family hope to hear from you guys soon hopefully someone are the areas of San Jacinto or Hemet

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