Male Hard Rock/Metal singer/songwriter looking for band members.

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Posted 10 months ago by VonNordis. 128 views.

bass player drummer - double bass guitarist - lead guitarist - rythm vocalist - backing metal punk rock

Wants to join a band in Ottawa, Illinois, United States.

Ottawa, Illinois, United States

I am male vocalist. I'm 17 and have been singing and taking lessons for over a decade, nearly my whole life. I've sang in a vocals only group, in concerts, and done street performing. (I can play drums and piano, but that isn't what I'm looking to do.)
I generally put together the music to my songs. All the same, I'd love if the band members can compose as well, (more perspectives, more ideas coming together.)
I love what I do, I'm good at what I do, and I hope this band will move on to fame and success. In fact, I won't settle for anything less! :D
My band influences are Red, Breaking Benjamin, Starset and 5FDP.

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