Melodic deathcore band looking for bass

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Posted 7 months ago by Trent71199. 146 views.

bass player

Band members wanted in Warren, Ohio, United States.

Warren, Ohio, United States

We are looking for someone who has all the equipment necessary to record and that can play bass we need you to have recording equipment since we are all spread out and will be doing this online till we meet up and what not so just message me and we'll talk more about it

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All we need is a second guitarist and and that plays in drop A so just shoot me a message if you wanna know more and we'll all talk about it we don't have anything recorded yet but we do have songs written plus we are all kinda spread out so you.. read more »

Wanted: Guitarist in Warren, Ohio, United States.
Posted 7 months ago by Trent71199, 117 views.

I'm 18 and out of highschool I'm looking for a band that is looking to make this an actual career and want to tour and what not but I have some vocal videos on my instagram: @nipplelickerofjustice224 some influences are breakdown of sanity and shadow.. read more »

Available: Bass Player, Drummer - Double Bass, Guitarist - Lead, Guitarist - Rythm, Songwriter in Warren, Ohio, United States.
Posted 8 months ago by Trent71199, 245 views.

Hi! I'm a 15 year old aspiring singer/songwriter, and am interested in starting a band. I think I already have a drummer lined up, but still need a bass player for the band. Also available are positions for backup singer(s), lead guitar, and.. read more »

Available: Bass Player, Keyboardist, Vocalist - Backing, Guitarist - Lead, Guitarist, Songwriter in Solon, Ohio, United States.
Posted 10 months ago by B-Rose, 237 views.

I'm looking for a band to play with. I can do vocals and bass guitar. I dabble (and when I mean dabble, i mean dabble) in some rhythm guitar and piano/keyboard stuff. I'm a huge fan of pop and punk music. I'm looking for people who love music as much.. read more »

Available: Bass Player, Drummer, Guitarist - Lead, Guitarist - Rythm, Singer in Akron, Ohio, United States.
Posted 8 months ago by DrBenzedrine, 268 views.

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