Melodic Hardcore/Heavy Hardcore/Hardcore musicians wanted

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Posted 2 months ago by Crywxnk_. 78 views.

bass player drummer - double bass guitarist - lead guitarist - rythm vocalist - backing metal other

Wants to join a band in Rockport, Illinois, United States.

Rockport, Illinois, United States

I'm a vocalist, guitarist, and drummer looking to do something again. I used to live in AZ where I was the vocalist of a band called Overburden and the guitarist of a band called No Roses. I miss writing music, ive been doing it on my own but I'd really love to get back to being in a band. Id prefer to do vocals, but if you need something else, I can probably do it. I have my own recording equipment I've been using for pre pros, I have a 6 and 7 string guitar, I have a 6 string bass as well. I have a ton of influences, but if I had a choice of band style, itd be like withered bones, lifelink, castaway, household, capsize, counterparts, etc etc. If I were to do something heavier again, itd be like knocked loose, varials, kublai khan, Orthodoxxx, Old Wounds, Vein, etc.
I don't mind traveling and I don't mind online projects.

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