Metal guitarist looking for a band

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Posted 11 months ago by Donny Turner. 190 views.

guitarist - lead guitarist - rythm metal

Wants to join a band in Marblehead, Massachusetts, United States.

Marblehead, Massachusetts, United States

Been playing since 12 (29 now), recently stepped it up over the last two years getting all the jam time in possible both with people at jam spots and by myself. All about my metal...i love all metal but most influential genres would be melodic death metal and thrash. I've been told my style is similar to these genres....being self taught makes it hard to do a self assessment as a bet, have me send you something i've written and recorded or have me learn a song and prove my chops.....I'd rather just skip all that and go to jam with a potential band to see if both our styles mesh and its good fit. I feel like i have a lot creativity in terms of being able to write stuff music wise out of thin air. I always try to push myself and write new material and force myself to make the playing ability of new material hard so i continue to grow as a guitar player. Any other question feel free to ask.....Any type or sub genre is fine, would really like to work on writing original pieces (i can write pieces but that's potential current band members say)

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